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Illustrations are like magic bridges between thoughts and true conception and requires a special skill. Illustrations bring forth feelings, motivating people to buy a book or send that 'special' greeting card.
Montileaux's striking images are in books, magazines, greeting cards and calendars. His large range of 'just right' illustrations adds vitality and intense expression to every surface—large and small. Contact Donald for more information.

"Muskrat and Skunk / Sinkpe na Maka"
New arrival! Muskrat and Skunk / Sinkpe na Maka, A Lakota Drum Story Released October 2017. Told and illustrated by Donald F. Montileaux, written in Lakota and English.

Available to order at www.sdhspress.com.


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"Tasunka A Lakota Horse Legend"
Donald F. Montileaux's book Tasunka: A Lakota Horse Legend was released in April 2014, told and illustrated by Donald, written in Lakota and English, has won national awards including the Mom's Choice Award, Aesop Accolade Award, Moonbeam Children's Book Award and Western Writers of America 2015 Spur Award.

Available to order at www.sdhspress.com.

Donald Montileaux was selected by the South Dakota Humanities Council as the 2019 Young Readers One Book. This book was only made available ONLY to 2nd graders in South Dakota. In October 2019, Donald read to over 2,000 students in South Dakota and local region during the South Dakota Festival of Books held in Deadwood, SD.

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